Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"I Can't Wait!"

I have been tagged by Megalicious! So here they are!

1)I can't wait to go camping! We haven't done much camping this summer which has been a huge bummer! But my family reunion is coming up in September and all of us crazy Burke's are heading up the mountain to Greens Peak! I cannot wait! I love camping and can't wait to see Gage get all grubby and wild out there! Not to mention I have a ton of hilarious family that will be times!

2)I can't wait for basketball season to start! I LOVE the suns and can't wait to watch them for another season! Nash and Barbosa are my
favorites but Stoudemire, Marion and Bell are right up there too! Matt and I are getting pretty anxious and if Gage had a clue...he would be too. He loved going to the games with us! He was the cutest, coolest, littlest fan out there! Go Suns!!!

3) I can't wait to see my lovely friend Toni and her handsome little guy (and my godson!) Grant! Her and her husband moved to Wyoming and I miss them! Even though they lived in Utah already and I hardly saw them, Wyoming just feels further away I guess! We got to hang out a little bit when she was up here in June and I can't wait to see them again!

4) I can't wait for Gage to be able to say "I love you"! Pretty sure he will be able to get anything he wants with those three little words! He is such a stinkin' cutie and I love him so much! All I know is that when he does learn how to say it....I had better be the first to hear! ha ha I love watching him grow up! He amazes me every day!

5) I can't wait to go to Hawaii! We are going next
March and I am so excited! Matt has been once but this
will be my first time there! I can't wait! I figure since I am absolutely in love with California, Hawaii will be amazing! I can't wait!

6) I can't wait to see our family grow! I just wish that it didn't involve more pregnancies on my end! ha ha No, I guess it really wasn't that bad! Gage will be such a great big brother and Matt is such an awesome daddy! I am excited to see what the rest of our kids look like and how different their personalities are! It's hard to imagine being able to love anyone else like I love Gage but I know that I will! I must say that Matt and I did a pretty good job the first time around...he's a looker!

Are there tagbacks in this game?! Humm...well I tag Nicole, Kimberly, Mandi, Toni and my mom! Half of them don't have blogs but maybe this will inspire them! (you really should get on here!) Love you guys!


Wes and Megan said...

Awww- so cute Shmashley! I love it! You will love Hawaii- I am so jealous! I am still bummed we didnt get to catch up when you were down...when are you coming again? Love ya lady!

Taralee and Trace said...

I love the SUNS too! Trace and I used to go all the time. But now we live in dumb We even have a Suns flag hanging in our house. Everytime a game is on we put on our jerseys and watch! GO SUNS!!! The better do good this year. Last season was so sad...STUPID SPURS! ha ha.

Anonymous said...