Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Family Campout

We finally got to go out camping again! Yay! Our Burke family reunion was over Labor Day weekend out at a place called Porter Spring. It was really pretty and lots of fun! Gage LOVED it! He never wanted to be in the trailer. He wanted to be out in the dirt getting grubby the entire time! He also loved riding all the 4-wheelers! We almost couldn't let him see them or he would head straight on over, climb on them and just wait for someone to get on and take him for a ride! He had so much fun! We took our Rhino out there and Matt would load up all the kids and take them for a ride. I wish I had a picture of was hilarious! I think at some points there was a total of 8 or 9 kids packed in that thing. They had so much fun! There was lots of good food and lots of fun people so we couldn't help but have a blast out there. We can't wait for next year! Gage will be 2 then and there will be no stopping the boy!