Monday, September 10, 2007

Grandpa and his REAL BIG truck!

Gage's Grandpa Butler came by the house today in his semi truck! Gage LOVED it! He wanted to take off to Colorado I think. Grandpa let him honk the horn and the whole bit! Gage has lots of little "big" trucks that he loves but I think this one took the cake! When it was time for Grandpa to leave, Gage held on tight to his neck and gave up a pretty good fight! I finally won and we waved Grandpa goodbye! We can't wait for him to be back in town!


The Butlers said...

Wow I think you live in one heck of a neighborhood! I can tell just by that picture you must have some really cool neighboors! If only we could have cool neighboors that came over every once in a while, or maybe like three times a day, yeah that would be nice.

Mandi said...

Those are the cutest pictures of your little stud man. It was so good to see you guys this weekend. Justin and his new wife were awfully cute together. I'm glad I got to come. The only bummer about big events is that it seems like you get little snips of each other, but never enough 1 on 1 time. I want to catch up with you! I hope you guys are doing good. Love you!

somebody said...