Friday, September 7, 2007


We are so excited! The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist that Gage has been seeing is finally going to get him in to put tubes in his ears! He has had such a bad history of ear infections since he was born. Apparently his ears don't drain properly so there is fluid sitting on his ear drums pretty much all the time. The doctor described it as hearing everything as if you're under water. So Gage doesn't hear things clearly. Once he gets this procedure he will be able to hear excellent and he wont have to worry about an ear infection every other week! We are so happy! The procedure itself is pretty simple, but they do have to put him completely out with anesthetics so that he will be still. That is my biggest concern. But I am sure that everything will go well. He will be so much happier with his new ears! And the doctor also told us to expect him to start talking much clearer in the months to follow! I just think that it's so awesome that we have doctors that can do these things now! It's such a small procedure but will make such a huge difference in our little man's life!