Friday, October 5, 2007

The Rhionna Fund

An account has been opened in Rhionna's memory to help to ease the burden for her parents in this time. All donated money will go to Justin and Alisha to help with bills, funeral expenses and any other unexpected expenses that may come their way. If you feel led to help them out in this way you can go to any National Bank of Arizona and make a deposit to account number 0663010613. If you do not have access to one of these banks you can contact me by email at and we can make arrangements to have the money put into their account. We do not want anyone to feel pressured to do this, but we have already had people asking if they could make donations and are trying to keep it organized for them. So please give only as you are led to. If you know of anyone who might also be interested please feel free to direct them to this blog. We are desperately trying to help them in any way that we can. We so appreciate all of the support that we have had in doing this. You have all been a blessing to them through your love and support. Thank you.



Ashley, i am so surprised how many people you can find on here! Thank you soooo much for leaving a comment. I have heard, and my heart ABSOLUTELY IS BROKEN for them!!! I was crying all last night and every time I think of it. What a unfortunate thing to happen, I want somehow to let them know that my heart goes out to them, and we want to donate what we can. I will add you on my blog and keep checking in with you guys! We love you guys too, and let him and his wife know please that WE love them so much and hope they find some kind of peace and comfort. Love ya, Jolyn

Whiting Family said...

Ashley, I am soooooo heartbroken by this news. I'm greatful I found your blog so that I can stay updated. My heart is breaking for them, they are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. We will definitly be donating to the fund but I want to do more. Are people bringing in dinners? Hope you are ok too. Hang in there. April

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