Thursday, December 13, 2007

7 Random Things

I was tagged by Jessica and have been putting this here it goes!

7 Random things about me!

1. I guess I could start at the beginning....I was born in Lakeside, AZ in the hallway of my parent's apartment! Not only was my arrival in a very cool place, but I was almost a month late! I was due in mid July and was born August 12th! After experiencing 9 months of pregnancy I have a new sympathy for my mom....I can't even imagine! I would be ringing someone's neck!

2. I am the 2nd oldest of 13 kids! Most people know this, but some may not! I have 5 brothers and 7 sisters! There's Justin, Jamsison, Micah, Amber, Marcus, Elsie, Burke, Emma, Haley, Hayden, Brinley & Callie...quite the mouthful! I now have 2 lovely sisters-in-law...Monica & Alisha...both are expecting! I can't wait! Our family is really growing!

3. I have a slight obsession with Josh Groban! I LOVE his music! Last Christmas Micah gave me tickets to his concert!!!! It was awesome! Even Matt enjoyed it...and he was pretty skeptical! I can't wait for him to come back to Phoenix, he is an amazing performer! Oh and at that concert he actually walked down the aisle where I was sitting and just stood there and sang! I was an arms length away! I didn't know what to do! I was in a state of shock!

4. I love doing anything crafty! I am definitley no professional but I love messing around with things and feeling like I made something look a little bit better than it started.

5. I am constantly taking pictures! I don't even have room in my house for all my pictures! Gage is 18 months old and already has 3 or 4 boxes full of pictures! I just love having the pictures to go back and look at! They bring back so many fun memories!

6. This one will really surprise Matt...I love baking! I have taken quite a vacation from it so it's hard to believe....but I do! I wish I had more time but Gage keeps me pretty busy at this age and it is hard to dedicate my time to any cooking out of the ordinary! I have promised myself to make sugar cookies before Christmas though...that is a must! I can't wait til Gage is bigger and can help me! Hopefully he will love to cook...somewhere, some girl will really appreciate my teaching him!

7. Last but not least...I am lacking in the gal bladder area! Isn't that a lovely name? When I was 19 I had to have it removed because it hadn't been doing what it was supposed to and it was making me pretty darn sick! I now sport 4 little scars on my stomach to remember it by! It's a pretty uncommon thing for some one at my age to have those problems. Most of those surgeries are done on people well past their 40's. So I consider myself very mature! ha ha

That is it for me! I tag Monica, Megan H., Megan N., Kimberly, Jolyn, Nicole & Mom!



Thanks for tagging me Ashley, I jumped all over that one! Your little man is so cute all bundled up in his snow clothes, gotta love the boys:)! How far along are you in your pregnancy and when do you find out what you are having? You need to get one of those ticker things so I don't ask you these questions a million know I will:)kidding(maybe:)!

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