Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Just random things

So I am having a heck of a time getting my pictures on here from my camera! What gives?! So as soon as I've got that under control I can post all of my Christmas stuff! Yay! But here are some random things going on in the meantime!

Gage is nearing the 18 month mark! I cannot believe my little boy is so close to being 2 years old! Why couldn't the pregnancy have gone by this fast?! And I sure wouldn't mind if he'd stop growing up so fast! It makes me so sad! But I guess I'm going to have to get used to it! He does the funniest things everyday that just crack me up! Matt got a new pair of basketball shoes the other day...well Gage saw daddy taking the shoes out of the box and was pretty impressed and that was that. Well, I just threw away the tissue from the shoe box and let Gage keep the box to play with his animals in...for some reason that amuses him...and I put Matt's shoes on a shelf in our closet. Well the next day I walk in the family room and Gage is carrying the shoe box but acting like it was really heavy, he was kind of straining and I thought wow he is just trying to impress me. So I go over there and he hands it to me, and to my amazement, the box does have some substance to I open it up and there sit Matt's new shoes! I couldn't believe it! He had gone into our closet, picked out the exact shoes he had seen the day before and put them back into the box! Now that is one smart fellow! That's just one of my many stories! I love seeing him learn new things and do things that surprise me but at the same time I just want him to stay my tiny boy forever! Oh the irony!

I took this pic with my phone and the flash was on which makes everything blue, but I still thought it was such a cute picture of our little man! He has hands down the cutest smile I have ever seen! I love it!

So I am 9 weeks prego now and can't wait to get out of this first trimester! I have a new respect for women who get really sick during this phase! I have been basically useless the last few weeks due to my "all day" sickness. Last thursday got really bad, I could hardly stand up without fainting so my doc sent me to the ER...apparently I had gotten really dehydrated from all the throwing up! How fun huh! Well they gave me an I.V. and some pretty strong medicine and that has been quite a help! I just can't wait for this phase to pass! They also did an ultrasound while I was there and I was able to see the newest addition to our family! Of course he/she is still tiny but what a relief just to know that things were going good in there! I guess it makes all the sickness worth it!

Well yesterday I was feeling pretty good so I thought to myself, "Time for a change!" So I called my very talented sister-in-law and made an appointment to get my hair done. I haven't colored it for almost 2 years and I finally broke! I went DARK! I like it myself, it's a nice change up finally...but I'm not sure yet as to how Matt feels about it. I think Gage was slightly confused by it at first, but I think we're good now. Here's a pic of the new gothic look! ha ha

Oh yeah! Last weekend I got Josh Groban's Christmas CD, Noel, and it is SO good! They only sell it at Target and it is awesome! He has a song with Faith Hill, Brian Knight and even MoTab! It is way good and I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for some holiday cheer!

Well I think that about does it for us! Well except Matt is going to be starting city league basketball with Jamison and Larry sometime this month. I can tell he is really looking forward to it which makes me happy! I'm excited and Gage can go watch his games, Gage will love it! So I think it's safe to say the whole family is looking forward to Matt playing basketball! Well sorry this got so long! I hope everyone's holidays are coming along nicely!


Devin and Melinda said...

I know what you mean about the 9 months of pregnancy seeming to last longer than usual...especially the last two months. I hope that you start feeling better.
I didn't even know who Josh Groban was until we watched my sister-in-law's kids while she went to a concert. Since then I've heard a lot of his music...he's really good. Anyway, I am glad that your family is doing well!


Oh, poor thing! I feel bad about you being sick. I don't know if this is how you felt, but I was so excited to find out we were having another baby, but once the first trimester symptoms kicked in I thought to myself "what was I thinking". Time will fly and then you will have two precious little ones to light up your life:)! I am soooooooo jealous about that CD, i am going to get it first thing payday....seriously! Does it have "Oh holy night on it"? If so I am going to get it tonight:)!

Wes and Megan said...

Ash! I love your new dark hair!!!!! What a hot little mama you are! Sounds like you have been busy...Gage is too cute. Have you finished up your Christmas shopping or do you need to make another trip down? I'm so sorry you have been so sick- I am for sure not looking forward to that!! Let me know if you're coming down!

Kendyl said...

i love thE CD!!i bought it at wally last week..they also sell it at the book barn!!!!!!im actually listening to it right now!!!

Fullerton Family said...

Aw, poor Ash! Being sick is no fun! I like the hair, I also went dark (well, my natural hair color)! We need to get together soon! Love ya!

Erin Ganley said...

Congratulations! Are you going to find out the gender? And, I love the dark hair!

Anonymous said...
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