Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little CHRISTMAS catch up!

Well as you have all probably noticed, I really slacked off in the Christmas posting area! I should do much better from here on out though because my problem is solved! I was having a hard time getting my pictures formatted for the web because our lap top had some program issues...well I no longer have that excuse because guess what I got for Christmas...A new computer! Yay! My darling little husband surprised me Christmas morning with a brand new Dell! I am so excited to get to play around on it! Thanks babe! xoxoxox Here's a picture, it is pretty tight quarters right now because we are just using Matt's desk he had when he was like 5. I do love the desk though so it stays! ha ha

So I think it's only appropriate to begin with our Christmas decorations. I LOVE Christmas and usually get a lot more festive...but to be honest I just never really had the energy! So the things that made it up were lucky to be here! Next year I'll be better!

The one craft that I did accomplish (slowly) this Christmas was our stockings! I got all my fabric at JoAnn's and I love it! I never did take them in to have names embroidered, that is on my to-do list! I was really happy with how they turned out though, especially since I drew my own pattern.

Our nativity was last year's project. I had them poured and fired at a local place here and painted them (with some help with my mom!) It proved to be a much bigger project than I had expected. It's a really big set, with lots of detail but I insisted on doing that one because it's the same as the one we had at home while I was growing up and I always loved it!

I love decorating the tree! Well all except for the lights! One year I will splurge on a pre-lit tree!

Christmas Card Pictures and Gage with his Candy Canes


I'm so sad...we spent the majority of Christmas Eve at my parent's house and I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures! I will have to get some from my mom and sister. Then to add to my problem, we spent a lot of Christmas day at Matt's parent's house and I forgot my camera then too! So likewise, I will be begging pictures off of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law! So all I have to post is from Christmas morning!

The stockings WERE hung by the chimney with care....but apparently I have sissy stocking holders and they wouldn't stay up there!

Well we did have a pretty great Christmas this year and I hope you all did too! And best wishes for a wonderful new year as well!


keilah said...

I hope you don't mind, I peek at your blog every once in a while. You are so dang gorgeous and your family is so cute. I love hearing updates on you and your fam!!

Fullerton Family said...

Cute pics Ash!! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! You need to teach me how to make stockings, the ones from the store leave a lot to be desired.... Love you and your cute little family!


Ashley, I made mine private but if you want to check mine out you can email your email address to and I will invite you! Happy New year! P.S. I Love your nativity set!

Erin Ganley said...

It looks like a fun Christmas, doesn't having your own little one make it even more exciting?! Your home looks very festive and cozy :)

Anonymous said...