Thursday, January 17, 2008

A late 2007 recap...since everyone else is doing it!

January brought me sibling #12 (crazy!) Callie Jayne Butler was born January 20th and had a very complicated arrival. There was a point where my parents didn't know if she would make it, but she had a miraculous turn around and has brought lots of joy to all of us!
The rest of the month just kind of flew by like it does every year! In February we traded our Yukon in for a Denali and love it, our room got a much needed make over and we celebrated our 2nd anniversary by doing absolutely nothing (I think we ordered out that night!) March was monumental for me, I got to go to my first Josh Groban concert! Micah gave me 2 tickets for Christmas and Matt and I went and had a great time! It also brought on spring fever and off I went to Home Depot buying flowers and shrubs and all kinds of pretty things for our yard, Gage got to start spending lots of time outside and absolutely loved it!

April brought on more yard work and more playing for Gage. In May we celebrated Matt's 23rd birthday by a fun fun trip to Los Angeles, we stayed at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel which was very nice, went to Six Flags, Universal Studios, Medieval Times and Santa Monica Pier!

We also took Gage to Aunt Monica's salon for his first haircut (yikes!)and started prepping for a busy summer! In June we went to Lake Powell with Matt's side of the family and had lots and lots of fun on the water! We came back looking like a bunch of brownies! We got home just in time to celebrate Gage's 1st birthday at our house with a BBQ, Gage had lots of family there with him and had tons of fun! Mom and Dad got him a swing set and he discovered that he loved to swing and sit on the teeter-totter!

July we did the usual 4th of July routine, the parade and fireworks in Heber (which are awesome) and then fireworks in Show Low at my parent's house with LOTS of homemade ice cream and LOTS of people! Then it was off to California with my side of the family! We stayed in a beach house at Huntington Beach and played in the sand and water, we also made our second trip of the year to Medieval Times and Gage went to Mexico for the first time in his life! Come to think of it I think it was Matt's first time too, it was Tijuana for about 2 hours...but it was still Mexico!

In August we celebrated my 22nd birthday and Matt got me a new 24" Cricut (Yay!) In September we got a new sister-in-law when Justin and Alisha got married! I also got a niece, Rhionna...a chubby cheeked cutie pie!

Gage finally had tubes put in his ears to help with all the ear infections and boy do we love that! He has been a completely different boy since then! We also found out that Jamison and Monica were expecting their first baby! October was a hard month, little 6 month old Rhionna passed away on the 4th after spending a week at Phoenix Children's Hospital in a coma. We love her and miss her with all our hearts but know that she is with her Heavenly Father now!

Gage got to dress up and go trick-or-treating this halloween! He made a very cute monkey and loved getting all that candy!

November brought lots of good news, Matt and I found out that we had another baby on the way and so did Justin and Alisha! Monica, Alisha and I will all have our babies within a few months of eachother! We got to spend Thanksgiving with both sides of the family and had a very good time with both! December sent me into the hospital for the first time in this pregnancy, I was dehydrated from being so sick, so they filled me up with fluids and medicine and I was home later that day! Matt's Poppy also spent the first day OF HIS LIFE in the hospital (he is no spring chicken either!) when he had a major heart attack. It gave us all a good scare, but thanks to answered prayers he is still with us and getting better every day! We had a wonderful Christmas season that came and went too quickly! Our year had ups and downs but we are grateful for all of the experiences we have had! We look forward to all of the blessings and adventures of the new year and wish you all the same!

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keilah said...

Wow!! You have a good memory. I can't even remember last January, to recall what happened then. I enjoyed reading about your year:) And your doodling is so good. I doodle but not like that. It's so cute!!!