Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WEEK FOUR/ My Grandpa Burke!

I am so grateful for my Grandpa Burke! When I was little he would take us on all kinds of outings that I loved and still love! We would go camping, have cook-outs, go out to the river, hiking...all kinds of fun things! I always thought that he was the invincible man! For the last few years he has been struggling with his health but he doesn't let it slow him down as much as it could! I remember a few years ago at our family reunion he and my uncle Mont (his brother) hopped onto a four wheeler to go riding...this would be pretty normal for most people, but my Grandpa had to stay on oxygen while he was out there. So my uncle Mont rigged up a little seat for the oxygen tank, bungeed it down, and they took off! I wish I had a picture! It's just the perfect visualization of my Grandpa! He definitley has made the most of his life and I'm so thankful for his example in my own life! I feel so blessed to have had him so close throughout my childhood and I just hope that Gage will get to experience some of the things that I was able to!

This is us when we went and cut wood with him and some of my family last fall! I think he can still swing an axe better than me! I sure do love this man!


Mandi said...

That picture brought tears to my eyes. I love that man so much too. Isn't he so cute! You get used to how he looks now, but then I look back on pictures of him before he got sick and I tear up every time. Thanks for that post Ash. That was really sweet. I love you!

Meg said...

I miss Grandpa. You are so lucky to get to live near him. I really feel sad that I have not been able to be around him for the past few years of my life. I loved the hikes and rock hunts and camping trips he took us on. They are also some of my best memories!

Anonymous said...