Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Falling Behind

The last few days at our house have been busy, busy, busy! Yet somehow I look around and have to wonder what it is that has kept me going a hundred miles an hour! I guess that's normal though! After this week is over I should be able to finally catch up with myself! Here's a little glance at what's going on our way!

*Wednesday we woke up to find a small flurry going on outside! I could not believe it! Snow in April! Are you for reals?! Thankful for moisture but happily awaiting the warm sun!

*Thursday was dedicated to moving things from the nursery to Gage's new "big boy" room and going through oodles of his baby clothes and washing them up for the baby on the way! His room is coming together but I don't want to post anything until it is complete!

*Friday I had my 27 week check-up! Everything is looking good and we are so thankful for that! I was so relieved to have not gained any weight at that visit....trying to make up for my 8 pound gain in 4 weeks! Yikes!

Later that day we went to a surprise birthday party for my brother Justin! His wife Alisha had it all decorated and we had one of my favorites....BLT's! Yum! Happy Birthday Justin!

*Saturday we worked in the yard and just relaxed the rest of the day! The weather was SO nice! I got to clean up my flower bed and can't wait to spruce it up with some new flowers! I love spring!
Gage just let his butterfly go! I think the poor thing was traumatized!
Our "puppy", Bounty! He does this all the time and it cracks me up! We have 3 other hounds...Trail, Boss and Diego! They darn near eat us out of house and home!

That night I went and did one of the Heber girl's hair for Prom. She looked so pretty! I will keep her name out of it to protect her identity! ha ha

*Sunday we just had a nice relaxing day and a picnic at the park! Gage loved running around with his daddy and playing on all the fun stuff! He LOVED the swing! We ended up leaving early due to an injury sustained by dad! He would probably get mad at me if I tell the whole story so we'll leave it at that! ha ha
Gage loved all the time he had to play with his daddy!

My family came over later that day and hung out with us for a little while. We hadn't seen much of them since they got home from Hawaii so we got to do some catching up! While they were over my mom crocheted an adorable little hat for the new baby! It is so cute I can't wait to put it on him! (I'm still hoping some of her talent will rub off on me!)

I call it the sweet pea hat because of the color and the cute little curly deal on the top!

*Monday I went down to the valley with Monica and my mother-in-law to get things for the baby shower! It was a quick fun trip! While we were at JoAnn's I also got the rest of the material for Gage's one more thing on my to-do list!

I can't wait for some free time to get this bedspread done! I LOVE the fabrics!

*Tuesday I worked on the bedspread a little and then my mom and two youngest sisters came over and helped make some things for the baby shower! Everything turned out very cute! I am looking forward to putting everything together and seeing the finished product! Hopefully the shower turns out nice!

Just some of the projects we got done for the shower! The colors are brown, orange, blue and you can see! These are candy bars if you can't tell from the picture!

* we are! Matt is off at work, Gage is off at Grammy Broomall's and I am sitting here at work in some of my dead time.....trying to catch up with my blog! The rest of the week promises to be full of projects and cleaning and that's fine with me! The busier I am, the faster this pregnancy seems to go by! I'm all for that!

Hope you're all having a great week!



OH, and how did I miss out on the talent genes in the fam.?? haha


Hmmm, cute fabric, cute baby shower stuff, cute boy, cute hair.....anything else to say?? Oh, cute blog:), I love it all!

Kathi & Ronnie Bishop said...

The stuff for the shower turned out so so good! You are so creative! Gage is so handsome! Is he excited yet about bein' a big brother or is he still just to young to understand?

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