Friday, April 4, 2008

My most recent "ashley" moments!

So apparently my usually scatter-brained self has only been getting worse as I have been pregnant! Matt gets so frustrated with me sometimes I think! Wednesday night we were in the valley to pick up a car and while I thought I had transferred everything from the vehicle we would be leaving at the house down there, to the one we would be driving home, I somehow managed to leave my cell phone! So I have not had my trusty cell phone for the last few days. I have to admit, apart from the slight disappointment of not having all my numbers on hand, it's been kind of nice! I feel like I'm flying under the radar! ha ha And as for my other fun moment...last night Matt was having me help him program the garage door opener in the new car and I accidentally reset the entire thing (which resets all of the openers in our other vehicles). Well we never fixed the one in my Denali so today when I left for the bank, I pulled out of the garage, ran back in, shut the garage door and ran out. I'm sure I looked ridiculous! Well I get home and get out of the car to go open the garage at the keypad, only to find out that the keypad had also been messed up from last night and would not work! Oi Ve! So I go around to all the doors....locked! Luckily I just had someone over to clean windows and one of the windows on our pack porch was still unlocked! So I pull off the screen, pry the window open, and climb me and my big ole belly through the window! I went and opened the garage door to pull in and get Gage and I see it....Matt's little red truck, parked outside, UNLOCKED, with a garage door opener (that worked)! So I am just hoping that none of my neighbors got to see the whole fiasco! What a morning!