Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soaking Up The Sun

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day! That darn wind that we've all been complaining about for the last month decided to take a day off yesterday and let us all out into our yards! Gage and I loved it! We spent all but maybe 6 hours of daylight outside going for a walk, playing, eating and cleaning! What a nice time! Gage helped me water the trees, the flowers and the grass. He even helped me vacuum and wash the cars! We had such a good time and all the while out there, all I could think about was how BIG Gage is getting and I have no idea where all the time has gone! He is such a big boy! He is so helpful to me and so independent. Of course sometimes he is a pain in the rear and VERY dependent on his mommy, but I guess that's something that will never change! ha ha He's a boy! I love my little man so much and can't imagine not having him in our home! He's been such a blessing in our lives! I can't wait to see him with the baby! I know he'll be a great big brother! Despite his orneriness, he is a very loving little guy! He makes me melt!

One of Gage's favorite past times is swinging! I loved this picture! You can see his Cheetos face and his scrape on his leg...that's Gage in a nutshell! A rough and tumble boy who loves anything cheesy!

He was cracking me up while we watered the grass! He insisted on holding the hose and would take an occassional drink which was followed by a very refreshing "ahhh" and a big huge smile!


Doug and Lucy said...

Little Ashley all grown up. You have a beautiful family. It was nice to see you in Mesa. Gage is one good looking little guy.

Kathi & Ronnie Bishop said...

How cute...I like the one of him drinking out of the hose! Reminds me of when I was little, I'd do the same thing! I think the wind up here is the one thing that could send us BACK to Phoenix. When it stops though, the days are BEAUTIFUL!

keilah said...

It wasn't windy there huh? It sure was windy here yesterday.
You are such a busy little chica. Amber did look so pretty. You girls are just growing up way too fast. I have been married for 10 years and I still feel like I am 18, so you just keep thinking that you are. I think us girls that THINK we are young will live long, healthy lives:)

Anonymous said...