Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tidbits of our weekend

This weekend we had a lot of fun down in the valley! We went down friday afternoon for the Suns game. They played the Timberwolves and won 117 to 88! We were all hoping the game would go that well playing Dallas on didn't! On saturday Monica and I went looking for a bedroom set for Gage, while Dad and Jamison took little dude around to all the "man" stores. This included Bass Pro Shops, which is one of Gage's favorites! He loves all of the animals! We found a bed and dresser at IKEA! Yay! I paid less for both of them together than I would have been paying for just the dresser from Broyhill! It's not the same quality...but I think it's way cute! After making our find we met up with the boys at Macayo's for lunch. (Matt's favorite!) After lunch Matt, Gage and I did a little shopping and were planning on going to the zoo...but the day kind of slipped away, so the zoo will have to wait for another weekend. Preferably before it gets way too hot down there! For dinner we went to Peter Piper Pizza! This was Gage's first time there since he started walking and he loved every minute of it! Well every minute other than the ones where I was trying to get him to sit down and eat! He just wanted to be up and playing the entire time! It came as no surprise to any of us that his favorite game was the little kids basketball deal! He kind of hogged that game all night! He racked up a good stash of tickets from it though! We had so much fun just watching him run around and do his thing! What did we do for entertainment before we had that little guy?! On sunday we went and visited some family and then went to the game. The Suns were winning almost the entire game and all of a sudden with about 4 minutes left I look up at the score board and notice that Dallas was only down by 3 or 4 points! They took the lead with a few minutes left and the Suns just couldn't pull it together! They lost 98 to 105. Big fat bummer! We headed home from the game and now here we are plugging through another fun filled week! I'm so grateful for weekends and the chance to get a little family time in! It doesn't seem like we see Dad enough during the week! He is always so busy! I always enjoy our little outings together! Oh and thanks everyone for your furniture suggestions! It was nice to get that all taken care of! Now I just have to get his room pulled together!

Gage filling his cart up with duck decoys at Sportsmans. He quacked the entire time!
Gage and Dad cruising on the motorcycle at Peter Piper!
If he doesn't play basketball when he's older I will be baffled!
Gage taking uncle Jamison for a ride in his rockin' ice cream truck! (I have no idea how he fit himself in there!)
On our way into the game...Gage was completely worn out!

At the game...Gage found his energy again! Mom left his jersey at home so he had to where his "ball ball" shirt instead! He didn't seem to mind too much!

On the road again! This is his "cheese" face! It cracks me up!


Fullerton Family said...

Very cute pics!! A basketball theme will be so cute! I know, where has all the time gone?! We became moms two years ago?!!!! So what are you guys driving now??

Fullerton Family said...

That is some awesome gas mileage!! That's a bummer about the Tundra, though! They sure are pretty trucks!

The Three Little Hatchlings said...

We sure do love the suns at our house. We are glad they redeemed themselves this week and stomped the most hated team at the Hatch house...the spurs!

Anonymous said...