Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy LATE Birthday Hubby! And Marcus too!

Well Matt turned 24 on Sunday (the 4th)!!! It feels so weird to me that we are growing up! Pretty soon he's going to be closer to 30 than 20...crazy! For his birthday we had 2 different get-togethers...one at Eva's with my family and the other a BBQ in Heber with his family. My little brother Marcus and him share the same birthday and with it landing on a Sunday we had to kind of mix it up this year! (Especially since my family doesn't get out of church until 5:00!) On Saturday we met up with my family at La Cocina de Eva's in Snowflake. It was lots of fun and very tasty! I laughed to myself when I called to make reservations for 20 people....and all it was was my immediate family! After lunch we went to Show Low to watch Marcus in a musical the high school put on. It was lots of fun to watch him sing and dance on stage, I never saw him taking that route...he did very well! I wish I had pictures but I didn't go prepared with a charged camera! On Sunday we got together with Matt's family (9 people...including his Nana & Poppy ha ha) and had a BBQ. It was nice and relaxing! We even made some homemade ice-cream! Yum...my favorite! It was a very fun weekend and maybe once I get some pictures from everyone else I can post a few! Happy birthday you two!