Thursday, June 19, 2008

37 Weeks...Easy Button Please!

Boy oh boy! The count down is on and I am feeling READY to have this baby! At my 36 week check-up things were looking like they would progress swiftly...then yesterday at my 37 week, I just wanted to cry! No progress really! I even went walking EVERY DAY at least once! How disappointing that was! I guess we'll see what happens this week. I have been having regular light contractions since yesterday, but nothing has come of them which I find strange because with Gage I started contracting and that was it! I was in labor! Too bad being pregnant wasn't a little more predictable huh? I guess the baby will come when he is ready! I'm just going to have to accept that!
Oh and Matt and I still do not have a name picked out! We did...kind of...but some very crazy things happened which made us kind of go back on here we are staring down the end of this pregnancy and NO NAME! I am thinking more than likely the first name will be Gavin or Garrett....the middle name is undecided but I want to stick with something family for that. So what do you guys think? Gavin or Garrett? I won't tell you who wants which one.
Well I guess that's it! I will try to keep updates posted...if there are any anytime soon! Until then we just play the waiting game I suppose!


Fullerton Family said...

Go get a pedicure! I hear that the foot massage can induce labor~ and if it doesn't, it still feels good at least your toes will be pretty when you do have your little guy!

Also, I vote for Gavin, very cute!

Kathi & Ronnie Bishop said...

I say wait till you have him! Then take a good look at him and THEN name him! I heard that sex can induce labor! :)


Love them both, Derrick and I thought about naming a boy Gavin too! Can't believe you are that close, I get so excited thinking about the end of pregnancy even if it is not my own! Good luck, I heard that reflexology(?)puts you into labor within a couple of hours with it. The problem is finding someone who will do it on a pregnant woman, there is one lady down here my friend used and it sent her into labor right away! Check it, maybe you'll get lucky:)!

Rachy! said...

Hey!! this rachel!! i found your blog lol... Well thankyou for leaving that tip!! o my gosh you didnt have too lol... but hey said that since i was the one who new you that i was the one who got the tip! Ahh!! i SO appreciate it! you have no idea. . . And if you ever need a baby sitter you can call me!! My cell is, 243-1346 and my home is 535-5255! give me a call any time!! thanks alot!!

come back to the rim!! :)

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

OMH Ashley Marie, I can't believe you are 37 weeks! That is crazy! I'm not going to lie, I like Garrett better just because I went to this school with this way creepy guy named Gavin and one of my good friends was married to a Gavin who was a druggy and didn't have teeth! Ha ha! So maybe I am a little biased but what can you do! They are both super cute though! This is going to be tough because I kind of want to stick with a G theme! Anyways...hope all is well! Love ya!

Davis Family said...

How exciting! I like the name Gavin, but I am sure whatever his name will be, he will be adorable!