Monday, September 15, 2008


Today has been a day of small progressions for our Cal Gal. She has been becoming more responsive again, still working to get back to where she was. She is still being monitored with the EEG. Hopefully that will be able to come off tomorrow. She has been running a fever all day but it has been slowly dropping and we are happy for that!

She is scheduled for another MRI tomorrow so that they can see what kind of changes, if any, have been going on inside that little head of hers. We are so happy to continue to see her progress and not regress no matter how small the changes. She continues to prove her strength to us. And the Lord continues to shower us with blessings and hope.

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{Love from the Nest. Ash}


{nicole coombs} said...

Sounds like FUN!
Hey I have been asked this question alot by people about little Callie, and I am not sure what the answer is? Even though you have not mentioned it yourself. how is her Brain? What kind of long term damage if any or are they unable to tell because of the swelling? I had a friend that was in a very serious accident and even though he should be "Normal" very soon they were worried at one point that he would have no memory or that hewouldnt be the same after the crash. Is this not the case with Callie?
Also I was thinking the other day and this is knid of funny, Jake and I had decided like 6-7 months ago that if we ever have a little girl we are naming her Callie becasue we LOVE the name! and you named you boy Garrett, My youngest brothers name is Garrett and your youngest sisters name Callie Funny... hmmm
Oh and sorry for the novel I should have just emailed you!

{Ashley B} said...

The worst damage on her brain is a bruise on her brain stem. It effects the 3 areas I mentioned in the {Neurosurgeon:Bearer of Good News} post. That is all they have pointed out in way of possible long term damage. The MRI today will show if there have been any changes, good or bad, since that last MRI. I'm praying so hard that if there are changes, they are good.

{Ashley B} said...

Being that her skull was so badly damaged, it is AMAZING that the damage to her brain is what it is. Also, I have forgot to mention, but she has one orbital fracture on her right cheek bone, but the plastic surgeon says because she is so young there is no need to do anything about it. She said children's bones have a way of lining themselves out as they grow.

Mary said...

I'm so happy she is improving again!

Tera said...

Dear Ashley,

thank you for the update. We didn't hear anything yesterday and were wondering how little Callie is faring. We got to do family night with your sibs last night at the Roberts. We had a lot of fun. The adults and all the kids played that game that we used to play at Aunt Jona's house where everyone brainstorms famous people or characters, writes those names on pieces of paper that are then folded and put into a bowl for the two teams to choose from and give clues about.

I don't know who's team won, but we sure had fun with eachother.

Pass on our love to your dad and mom and Callie for us, please.

With love from Uncle Carl, Aunt Tera, and kids!

Anonymous said...