Wednesday, September 24, 2008


For all of you who have forgotten, I have two beautiful sweet boys! Yes I really do! I was just thinking today that I have not posted anything honoring their awesomeness lately. Shame on me! I feel like life has been going by a million miles an hour the past few weeks. And they have been so wonderful to me! Letting me sleep all night and being reasonably manageable during the day. Bossy pants {a.k.a the 2 year old} has even taken to eating better at dinner time. As for Baby Boy {also known as the chubby 12 week old}, that has never been a problem. He LOVES his milk and you can definitely see that by taking a look at his physique! He will be 3 months old on October 2nd and he already weighs more than half of Bossy Pant's weight! We do not produce skinny babies in the Broomall home!

So I just wanted to take some time to dote on my men! They are the most WONDERFUL little people! They have been known to light up even the rainiest of days. I love them and am so grateful to be their mommy!

P.S. Today was a VERY exciting day for Bossy Pants! One of his favorite shows {which is also one of the STRANGEST shows in my book} had a special guest appearance. Now this special guest was none other than the 6 foot 10, 245 pound, fro haired wonder that we fondly refer to as Amare! Go YO GABBA GABBA! We love Stoudemire!


Fullerton Family said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is definately a strange show. And Kambria also loves it! Whatever, 2 yr. olds are crazy!!!

Jill * Zane said...

That was a sweet post to your boys. You are still phyisically there for them, so that's gotta count for something! And Yo Gabba Gabba FREAKS ME OUT!!

Mike West said...

That's crazy! I guess most 2 year olds like that show. Our Payton loves that show. We don't always see it when it comes on but if it is on she dances around with them. That's crazy. Glad your boys are doing awesome!

Anonymous said...