Friday, September 5, 2008


As we sat in the fish room waiting for the great Dr. B I pondered to myself, Why don't we always come to the fish room? After all, all of Gage's best visits have taken place in this room and now even our little Gare Bear seems to be in a state of euphoric bliss staring in wonderment at the array of brigthly colored fish. Can I simply request the fish room? "Hi I need to sign in Gage and Garrett. We'll take the fish room please." Or perhaps we could do like the churches that take your donations for pews and then you get to sit there all year. {THEY even plaster your names to them to make it official.} Could we be so lucky? What would be an acceptable donation? Some type of doctor's paraphernalia? But what? Perhaps something edible. That's more my style. All I know is that we must have the fish room!