Monday, September 22, 2008


{Callie and her special visitor today. Big brother Justin got to make an unexpected visit! Yay!}

Well it sure sounds like they kept Callie plenty busy today. And I don't think that is going to change. She had physical therapy, speech therapy and music therapy. My parents say that she is improving every day! She definitely has a ways to go but we are SO happy to see her progressing forward at any rate. She is such a miracle! I can't wait to visit her again and see all her improvements! Instead of second hand recollection I figured you could read {MY MOM'S} description of the day!
On another note, Callie's eyes still are not opening. This damage could be permanent, or it could just take some time to heal and repair itself. I pray that it will be healed. The doctors say she certainly will not be blind and there are procedures that can be done to help if the damage does not go away, but I just hope and pray that she will be able to open her eyes again! Matt continues to remind me that I should be grateful for the miracle that she is still with us. And I am. I am overcome with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the tender care he has taken in healing our little California. But I can't help but to continue to pray for more miracles, for her to be whole again. She is only 20 months old, but if you could have just seen the spunk and the life inside of her! She is an amazing little girl. She is so special! And we have all known that before this.
We continue to pray for this sweet girl and invite you all to do so with us. You have all been such blessings to Callie and us.
{Thanks and Love. Ash}
P.S. I was so happy to hear my mom talk about taking Callie around the hospital with her and my dad. It seems her new wheels are really coming in handy. She got to go eat with Mom & Dad {they ate, she got to enjoy the smells}, hang out with them while they washed their dishes and go for a little stroll in the veranda area. Hearing that made my day!
{Sept 23rd}