Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Usually I know just what I want to say. But I am having the darndest time writing this update! I have been amazed and overwhelmed several times today by the assurance that the Lord has had His hand and His angels on Callie since the very beginning. I have gone back and forth on whether or not I should write about the accident. I don't want to put these images in anyone else's head but I want people to see what an incredible miracle we are experiencing. I will give a little insight and hope that I am not offending anyone.

Callie's outward appearance is not that of a little girl who was run over by a vehicle. There is scraping on the left side of her face and minor bumps and bruises on various parts of her body. Aside from the swelling you would think there was nothing wrong with this precious girl. This has baffled us all and so this morning while speaking with the doctor, my parents asked if he felt her head had been entirely run over by the SUV's tire or if it was possible she had just had a hard fall to the asphalt. The doctor told them that he has absolutely no doubt that the tire went entirely over her head. The severity of her skull fractures leave no questions. What a miracle it is that she even survived the ambulance ride. She suffered extreme blood loss and was still able to maintain a pulse and her breathing before being hooked up to the ventilator. Anyone who knows Callie, knows that she is one tough little girl. We have always said that she is a 21 year old in a 1 year old's body. She is so independent and decisive on what it is she wants. Stubborn without doubt! She has definitely held true to this reputation these past few days. Last night she began making small movements with her feet and hands and by this morning she was moving entire limbs. At one point the doctor started squeezing on her shoulder and Callie's entire arm reached across her body as if to move his hand away. And as they adjusted things on her for testing later in the day, she began moving all her limbs in very intentional ways. This is such a great sign! As the CAT scan today was still unclear due to swelling, it is so comforting to see that she still maintains these functions.

Last night they tried to prepare us all for what they expected to be a very hard day. They let us know that her body was still in shock and once that began to wear off, things would start looking worse. We all prepared for that. But today has brought such hope! She is obviously battling some very serious problems right now and we can't overlook that. We realize that we are still not out of the woods. Right now things could go either way. She is in such a fragile state and there is much healing to be done. But the progress she has made is so great to see! Without question, the fact that she has made it so far is purely a miracle!

The doctors and nurses who have treated her have been wonderful. We cannot thank these people enough. There is an MRI scheduled for tomorrow and we expect to know more after she comes out of that. We pray that we will hear more good news! The chances that she could walk away from this with no permanent damage are so minuscule but we know that it is not impossible. It is out of our hands, it is out of the doctor's hands. It is fully in the Lord's hands and that brings us peace.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Please keep them coming. That is the most we could ask of anyone right now!


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WOW...I've been playin catch up on your blog. I really hope your sister gets better. Sounds like she is very determined to do it on her own!


What a very strong little girl. I was looking at the pics. above and Gage and her are looking a lot a like:). I am so happy to hear all the positive signs she is showing. I will definately keep praying. I am about 3/4 miles south of Grandmas, so if ANY of you need anything(a place to stay, food, to watch your kids...anything), let me know. Love you all!

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