Tuesday, September 2, 2008

{this girl}

Thinking about who I am today.
Ask Jeff and Dana and they will tell you I am their daughter of course.
The hubby would let you know that I'm the wifey and the maker of his favorite enchiladas.
To the Misters I am Mama, cleaner of messes, rescuer of toys, singer of lullabyes, craziest of dancers and to one in particular, the best milk maker ever!
I am sister to 12, sister-in-law to 2, daughter-in-law to 2, aunt to 3, niece to 35, and granddaughter to many.
I am Ashley. Me.
I'm a people pleaser and sometimes that sends parts of myself into hiding. Sometimes finding this girl is hard to do.
I'm working on it. I want to find the things I really enjoy doing, the things I'm good at. I know who I love. I know why I love them. I want to know why I love me now.
Off I go to weed through and figure it all out.


Nicole said...

I Loke Ashley!! I am so sad we didnt get to run into eachother while we were in Heber all weekend ask Jake I told I had to go see you like 20 thousand times!! Good news I am coming up to Heber September 18th-21st Just Me and Cory! You better not tell me you wont be there or I will hurt something-maybe you- haha jk
Love ya

Anonymous said...