Thursday, October 23, 2008

{blown away}

I have been hearing all about Callie's progress over the last few weeks but haven't got to actually see it for myself. Well yesterday the boys, Amber, Winnie and I took a quick trip down to Phoenix so we could visit with our tiny patient girl!
When we got there, Callie was sleeping on cousin Erika. She was able to wake her up and when Callie saw me sitting next to the bed she reached for me! When I took her she started kissing me ALL over! She grabbed around my neck and then my head and then just rubbed her hands all up and down my face to feel it. And "smooch, smooch, smooched" away! It was so sweet and so exciting for me who had not seen her this active yet.
First place we headed was outside to the play area. I put her in one of the little flinstone style cars and was starting to push her when she just grabbed hold of the steering wheel, stood up and attempted crawling right out. So I took her out and took her to the slide. She had a blast! She did a good amount of the walking as long as she was being helped and she was loving it. It was so cute to watch her clap for herself anytime she did something impressive (which was about every 60 seconds!) I even got a few high fives!
Trying to make her ES-Cape from the car!
Me and California making it up to the BIG slide
Ready, Set, Go!
Merta & California ready to go some more!
Amber letting her stand. Just look at her!
We got Callie's lunch from the nurse and headed to the cafeteria. She had PBandJ, a banana, chocolate pudding and a sugar cookie. I was so happy to sit and hold her while she ate and see how well she did. I was painted in chocolate and banana goo by the end of the feeding, but I don't mind one bit!
After lunch she headed off to a string of physical therapy sessions. She was so much fun to watch and so amazing! I was blown away by her! She could crawl to any thing she wanted. She'd get that little eye slit open and tip her head back a little for a better view, and off she went! She was even bound and determined to stand up on her own. She is getting so close!
She loved the play dough!
She was bouncing away on this huge ball!
It was so nice to be there for her therapy and watch all of her amazing progress first hand. She really is so excited about life and doing things. She was SOO tired after her therapy but managed to stay awake and entertain us until we left the hospital. She is a sweet little girl and we love her so much!
Snacking on a cracker right before we left. You can see how worn out she was.

We missed seeing Dad since he was on his way back from a quick California {as in the state} run, but it was nice to visit with Mom and Cal. They are really missed back at home. Winnie made sure to get in lots of extra hugs and smoochies before we left. She was so happy to see her baby sister and her mommy!
We love you guys!


KEDowdy said...

Oh my look at her. she just seems so happy! Those pictures are so sweet. Is she still not able to open her eyes all the way? Looking at the pictures you would never guess she was in such a major accident. she looks beautful. My favorite picture is the one of you guys on the slide. Soooo SWEET!!!!

{nicole coombs} said...

oh wow Ash! She looks great I swear everytime I read anything about little Cal I just cry! Maybe its the hormones but its just well there are no words!

Mary said...

Great pictures, Ashley! I'm so jealous of the time you guys get to spend with Callie and your mom, but it will be worth the wait when they return with all the needed therapy under their belts!

Fullerton Family said...

Wow, she is one amazing little girl!! I cannot believe how much progress she has made, but then again, if Callie sets her mind to something, it's going to get done!! I love all of your pics, they are so great so see!!

KEDowdy said...

I cant wait to see how it goes. Its kinda hard to put these things together! lol hope it works.

Kathi & Ronnie Bishop said...

WOW! She is progressing so quick. I can't help but smile when I read your blogs about her!

butlerfam15 said...

Hey this is Aunt Karla! Celesta and I have just had the great pleasure of hanging with our little Callie girl tonight! She is so amazing and we had such a wonderful time with her. I wish you could all be here, her determination has gotten her so far already and there is no stopping her! What a great blessing she is to our family, and Ashley you have been like glue through all of this keeping us all together, thank you! You are amazing yourself!! Love YOU!

LORI said...


raining sheep said...

Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I just read through some of your posts and read about Callie. She sure is a cutie and I am happy to hear that her therapy is going so well.

Eric and Addie said...

go callie go!!! she is absolutely amazing and quite a miracle.
hey i kinda have a weird question. did the person named randa claim the prize for the ribbon dress? i am wondering if it was my sister in law randa gaylord? kinda weird but let me know if you can. thanks.

somebody said...