Monday, October 20, 2008

{happy "kisses for callie" raffle day!}

The second "Kisses for Callie" raffle begins right now! I hope you all have time to look at all the great things that have been donated! I'm loving it all!

This is how it works:

Ticket prices are $2 per ticket or 30 tickets for $50.

{And because I love a good shout out I will give 5 free raffle tickets to anyone who sends a holler this way!}

To purchase the tickets, simply go to the "Kisses for Callie" donation button on my sidebar and make a donation according to the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

Next you will need to leave me a comment under each raffle you wish to enter. Make sure you let me know how many tickets you would like in each. I will also need you to leave the email address you provided for your donation.

{If you don't have a blog or google account, you can still participate by emailing me at ashley.broomall {at} yahoo {dot} com and letting me know where you would like your tickets distributed. Please put RAFFLE in the subject box.}

And of course don't forget to let me know if you left a shout out on your blog!

The winners of this raffle will be drawn at midnight on Wednesday the 22nd {mst}. So be sure to check back in!

Good luck to everyone!

{Love and Grattitude. Ash}


Jessica said...

i left a shout out at my blog, so i get 5 free tickets! :)
thanks ash!

My "Travel" Blog said...

Hey Ash!
Thanks alot!!!
See if you think I need to put more about the raffle!
<3 Mom

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

K Ash, I think I did this right but double check and let me know if I screwed it up! I struggle technologically!

Shannon said...

I've posted my shout-out!

And now I am off to make my donation and figure out which of these AWESOME prizes I want to try for!

mrs_jpyatt said...

Ok That's great! How do I go about using them?

jccraner said...

Hi Ashley, I emailed people about the raffle, I hope you get response from them! Here's my shout out for you. You are truly inspiring in all the hard work you have done for your family, I know they are grateful! Callie looks wonderful! Much love to you and your fam--Candace

Brooke Dutcher said...

Hi Ashley,
My name is Brooke Dutcher I am Candace Craner's younger sister. She has been telling me about Callie and her condition and how well she has progressed!! I am so excited and can't wait to hear when she will be coming home!! I sent the email to my husband's side so hopefully it will get out. We love you and wish the best of luck!! :)

Brooke Dutcher

Erin Ganley said...

Here's my shout out for 5 free tickets! I like the raffles :)

Anonymous said...