Saturday, November 1, 2008

{callie's surgery update::and a special birthday}

Hi everyone. Sorry that this is late coming.

Callie did not have the surgery yesterday. Her and my parents met with the Opthamologist and he decided he would like to wait for her left eye to heal more thoroughly. He also said that with the progress she has made with her right eye, he may not have to tack that one open at all. Yay!
Her surgery has been tentively scheduled for December 1st. We will be able to tell more as we approach that date.

So now we await evaluation on Tuesday. My parents feel that she will get the okay to go home, but we can't say that for sure. I guess we just continue the "wait and see" game.

{Callie & Dad teetering at Moylen's Pond in July}

And now a big fat Happy Birthday wish for my Dad!

The man who has ALWAYS put his family before himself. The one who can have a kid in both arms and still have room for more somehow. Who taught me how to ride a bike and didn't even make fun of me when I used a giant bush as my brakes. The one who mowed special messages in the lawn for his 'Wifey'. The man who made sure I had a water bottle full of kool-aid to take on my field trips with me and a quarter in my pocket for chocolate milk on Friday. Who sent me birthday cards via mail when he was on the road and couldn't get home for the big day. {He always threw in a little cash so Mom could take me to Dairy Queen for a special treat.} Whose hair I nearly turned gray, whose money I spent, sometimes without much gratitude. Who told me I was a beautiful bride and who thinks somehow that I am a wonderful mother. The man who I admire and love with all of my heart. I could not have asked for a better father.
You are amazing Dad! I love you so much and wish we were there to celebrate with you! I hope your day is great and I feel certain Callie will share kisses and hugs with you on our behalf.
We love you!!!

Here's hoping for LESS of this....

And a little MORE of this in the near future!


butlerfam15 said...

Thanks Ash! Touching birthday message. It means alot to me! Also, thanks again to you & Matt for the b-day gift. Mom & I had a fun time.

Nelson Family said...

Oh Ashley. You are such an awesome girl. You are adorable inside and out. I would love to have Bailey grow up and be half as spiritual and sweet as you. Shoot, I wish I could grow up and be half as wonderful as you! The message you wrote your dad would make any father so happy. All we want as parents is raise our kids right and for them to know we love them. Obviously your dad has done both. I'm with you. Your dad is a great man. With great kids!! Love you! Aunt Faun

Anonymous said...