Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow piled high, up to my chest in West Jordan.

Decorating the tree with 'Christmas with the Carpenters' playing in the background and mugs of yummy hot chocolate waiting for us.

The smell of our real Christmas trees and having to vacuum up the needles every day.

Christmas caroling with all my cousins. Making a special stop at Grandpa and Grandma Mac's and sneaking a climb in their citrus trees with my pretty Christmas dress on.

Being Mary in the Nativity scene and wondering why my brother, of all people, had to be Joseph. I couldn't marry my brother!

The smell of the marker my mom used to make the very realistic barn for us to sit inside.

Huge pots of homemade soup at family Christmas parties and wanting to try just a little from each one. I still love the way that soup makes my belly feel warm.

Singing 'Picture a Christmas' while my dad strummed the tune on his guitar. Having the biggest knots in my stomach.

The smell of the straw we got to put in baby Jesus' manger each night if we had done our good deeds. It was our goal to make it extra soft for Him.

Our ward Christmas parties. Always loving the stories and the plays. Feeling so happy that I could know the true meaning of Christmas.

Gathering around with my family while we read stories from our Christmas book and slowly letting the candle burn down.

Finishing our book on Christmas Eve with the Christmas story from Matthew and Luke and watching our candle that had burned each night, finally burn out.

Mom and Dad making us wait in the hall until everyone was awake so we could all go see the tree together on Christmas morning! {I may have snuck out early a few years...}

Hanging out our stocking Christmas Eve and being so happy each year that our happy line grew. And it did grow!

Always getting a little bit giddy and nervous when my gifts were opened by their receivers. That to this day is my favorite part of Christmas morning.

Mom and Dad in the kitchen on Christmas morning making homemade whole wheat waffles, pear sauce and fresh whipped cream. A very yummy tradition.

Feeling a twinge of sadness on Christmas night because I knew the tree would soon come down, the music would stop and all the lights would be put away until next year. But hoping that I could keep a little bit of the 'Christmas Spirit' inside of me.

What are your favorite Christmas time memories?



Mandy said...

I was just Mary in the live nativity last week. My husband was Joseph. But this memory of yours is funny to me b/c it just became someone else's memory....the girl who replaced me in the second shift had to have her brother play Joseph!! LOL

LORI said...


Tenneys said...

Your Christmas tree is gorgeous!! Merry Christmas!

Nelson Family said...

What sweet memories! I love the Christmas season! I always love reading your thoughts Ash. I have such great nieces and nephews. And a wonderful family in general. We are blessed! And if you want to see Callie jam just crank up the tunes. I saw her dance to music on Nana's radio and another time when Collin played the guitar. It made me giddy! Love you and your family!

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