Thursday, February 5, 2009

{gummie no more}

Have I ever told you?

Yummy Gummie smiles are absolutely wonderful in every way.
Part of me just can't wait for the day when The Hubby and I are sitting in our rockers, holding hands and just watching the world...when he flashes me that smile. Void of teeth and full of gummy goodness.
Is this strange?
Well I don't think it is.
Sadly, it is going to be a while until I can wake up to anyone with a gummie smile.
Do you know why?
Because Baby Boy has been added to the Tooth Fairy's list!

Hip Hip HOORAY for my special 7 month old boy!!!

I'll miss that toothless grin but can only imagine all of the delicious things you will be able to gobble up with your new pearly whites.



Kati Sue* said...

Awww! I love gummy baby smiles too!! My little man is starting to get a tooth.. you can see the swollen gums.. and little with patch just under the skin... awww!

sara,mike,rhett,and gage said...

What a cutie pie!

The Blonde Duck said...

I've had such trouble getting to your blog lately! Your profile won't show up when I click on you!

{ashley b} said...

It's been doing that to me too and I just can't figure out what it is. All of my settings are public so it really doesn't make any sense. Hopefully it will smooth out soon.

JANE said...

Love those new teeth!
My 3 boys cut teeth at 7 months also and then the Girl didn't until she was 13 mos, and she was a big 13 mos and really looked weird with that toothless grin, LOL!!

Jessica said...

Congrats on the teeth! :)

Anonymous said...