Monday, February 23, 2009


We towed our sleepy boys through the door around seven o'clock last night. The thermostat was set at a what-would-normally-be-chilly, sixty-one degrees. The house felt warm though and welcoming compared to the nippy air outside. Knowing that we wouldn't feel that way for long, my first priority was to turn up the heat. With Baby Boy balancing on my right hip and purse and diaper bag hanging on my arm, I generously increased it to sixty-five. Nice and warm.

Diapers were changed, pajamas were zipped up and dinner was had. It felt so nice to be home.

Today has been relaxed.

Bossy Pants' friend {and speech therapist}, Mary, made her weekly visit today. He always enjoys that. We are very thankful for her. As she was leaving today he hollered out a very clear, "Bye Mary!" It made my heart smile.

I washed my newly acquired plates. Thrift store finds. They sit so nicely upon my plate rack. {Looks like I'll be making banana bread this week.}

I also spruced up my mantle a bit. Last week I dusted off some of my apothecary jars that have been in hiding and thought I would like them up there. I was able to find some things to fill them with while on our little getaway. Can you tell I'm ready for Spring? I do love how they turned out. Nothing fancy.

My little men are sleeping soundly now. Nap time snuck right up on us today. And now I'm off to unpack our last bag and make good on a promise to Baby Boy to meet him in dreamland. Besides, a nap does sound nice.


Fullerton Family said...

We had opposite weekends- we went up there! I also pulled out my apothecary jars this past week. They make me so happy!

Lizzie said...

i love the mantle decor! so cute.

glad you had a relaxing day :)

Davis Family said...

I love what you did with your mantle. I am ready for spring as well, let it come!

Genevieve said...

Ashley, I just started a blog at if you want to check it out!

{nicole coombs} said...

I Have bannanas that look like that too...Every morning I wake up and say I am going to make a bannana cake and I still have yet to make one!!

Anonymous said...