Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{a day late and a dollar short}

I took a vacation from the computer yesterday to bask in all the green glory that is St. Patrick's day.

It was a lovely, fun-filled day. Complete with a dump truck ride and a sunny walk with our favorite neighbors, the NieNie's. {aka: our dear Butler's}

The boys escaped all pinching in their handsome green polo's. {except perhaps a few from mom when they weren't looking...}
I warn you, I am a cheek pincher.
I'm pretty sure it's hereditary.
Hope you all had a wonderfully green day!


Ruggy13 said...

they are so adorable!

Kacie said...

Oh yum!!! Hey I ran into your mom yesterday and she said she would post a picture of the CUTE wall you put together for her during Christmas!!! I want to see!!! so make sure she does it!! Your so dang creative, I want to be like you!

The Brazels said...

Hi Ashley,
I've been meaning to write and say thx for the great directions on painting the stripes on your sons wall. They are very detailed so thx. We have not painted yet but when we do i will post it.

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Those cupcakes looks deliciouso! I don't think I even remembered that it was St. Patty's! Oh well.

The Blonde Duck said...

They're precious!

{nicole coombs} said...

Your cupcakes look delish! And I have to say I really liek your new hairstyle when did you change it> it looks way cute!

JDButler Family said...

it depends on which cheeks we're talking about. :)

Anonymous said...