Tuesday, March 3, 2009

{eleven rhymes with heaven}

March 3rd - Emma Leigh

What can I say about Emma Leigh?

She is lovely inside and out.
Probably the sweetest little girl you might ever stumble on.

Please don't really stumble upon her as she is quite petite....
but if you should one day by accident, she would probably dust your jeans off for you and check you for bruises.
She is number nine in the line-up.
She is a big sister, a little sister and an aunt.
And she is absolutely wonderful in all of these callings.
She plays the flute.
And she writes.

My favorite story of hers is the one she gave me right after I was married.

It was about a beautiful princess named Ashley.

It was complete with illustrations.
I still have it.

Sisters are such delightful blessings.

Happy Birthday Emma Lou Who who's no longer two.