Friday, March 6, 2009

{maybe i should be more specific}

Remember when Bossy Pants potty trained himself?
For a day.
Well since that blessed day, his relationship with the potty has been very bumpy. Like a bad romance. On again off again.
I had made a silent promise to myself that I wouldn't force the subject. That I would let him get comfortable in his own time.
When we realized that he would soon be starting preschool in April I panicked.
I can't send him to school in diapers can I?
Granted he is still two and I have been told by his pediatrician on several occasions that this is completely normal. Especially for boys. And that we were by no means in a race.
Well yesterday was the best day we've had with my slightly forceful slash not too forceful approach.
The morning went like any other.
I'm helping him dress for the day and the conversation begins...
Mom: "Okay do you want to wear a diaper today or are you going to go potty on the toilet like a big boy?"
Bossy Pants: "No."
Mom: "Are you sure? You can wear your big boy pants with Lightning on them."
Bossy Pants: "Queenie?" (McQueen)
Mom: "Yep. Lighting McQueen."
Bossy Pants: "Kay." followed by a "Vroom, Vroom..." all the way to the bathroom where we found his pull-ups.
Mom: "Okay when you need to go potty come sit on the toilet okay."
Bossy Pants: "Kay. Vroom Vroom..."
Not five minutes later I asked him if he was ready to go potty. I was given a sound "No." I checked his pull-up and it was moist.
Mom: "Gage you went potty in your big boy pants. Remember you need to tell mom and come sit on the toilet."
He just looked at me.
Then I decided it was time to get risky.
He has always done best commando style. Yes it's true.
So off came the wet pull-up and on went his pants, sans underwear.
Hallelujah! It worked.
He came and got me the first time, we went to the potty and he filled that thing up. High fives were given. Thirty-five cents in pennies and nickles was put in his piggy bank.
Then about 45 minutes later he comes into where I'm folding laundry with a HUGE smile on his face. "Did it. Did it." I look at his pants and they are soaking wet.
I get onto him a little. "Gage you need to sit on the toilet. Now you're all wet."
He gives me this sad expression. No trace of that happy smile left. He leads me to his potty chair and low and behold it is full again!
Maybe I should be more specific,
"You need to sit on the toilet...WITH YOUR PANTS OFF."
My bad.


Kati said...

Pull ups dont help at all.. its like a diaper to the kids.. IMO. We had major regression every time she wore a pull-up.

Yes,.. it is important to not leave out the "without the pants" detail.. been there.. Haha!

Colbi and Jeff said...

Haha! Too funny. Geez mom, be very specific! What a good boy, though. I've heard boys are hard. I'm not looking forward to potty training at all!

Lizzie said...

i do not miss potty training AT ALL! after my last munchkin was going by herself in the potty i decided potty training should be a gold medal event in the Olympics. it was by far the hardest most frustrating thing ever!

he'll get there, he'll figure it out... i promise :)

Jennifer said...

That is funny. At least now you've got in the part where he has to take his pants off. :) I waited until Emily was REALLY ready to potty train and she just potty trained herself. I'm bracing myself with the fact that it probably won't work for all of my children. Oh well.

Mary said...

I loved everything about raising little ones EXCEPT toilet training. I still cringe to recall it. Now I love everything about raising teenagers EXCEPT teaching them to drive. I'm cringing right now thinking about it! Motherhood is always the toughest adventure we'll ever love!

Anonymous said... cute. Then again, I wasn't the one changing the pants! Danika now does this thing where she pats her butt and says poop....unfortunatley, it's AFTER she's done the deed in her pants! But like you's not a race!

{nicole coombs} said...

Thats funny! And good Luck. I have been thinking about getting more aggressive with the potty training, besides the occacional-- Cory do you want to go potty on the toilet?-- But I am worried he will do great then I will have the baby and he will lash out for attention!! So I think I might be waiting a few more weeks.

The Waite Family said...

I feel ya on this one! Gage and Bradoc are about the same age! potty training is a huge topic at our house right now to! I have found that Pull ups don't help either!(at night for back up i use them though :) I got those really cute McQueen ones to thinking of how much Bradoc loves him! But didn't work for us. What worked for me was just going cold turkey! I put him in underwear and said ok you need to use the potty or you will get wet. It has worked with a few accidents in the beginning of course, but now he is potty trained in the daytime! (Bed time I still use pull ups because he doesn't wake up in the night and is still sometimes wets the bed or in the pull up) But in the morning they come right off!
Bradoc did the same thing with going in his pants while sitting on the potty! That is so funny!
:) Bryanna

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Grant went potty the other day in the potty chair for the first time, he just took off his diaper and plopped down on the toilet. That was like 2 weeks ago. We haven't even tried again. I should stop being so lazy. Just tell Gage the story about the unofficial Godmother who forgot to lift the toilet seat on a pioneer trek once! Maybe he'll be inspired!

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