Wednesday, March 25, 2009

{self control and the lack thereof}

oh yum. we made these tasty treats yesterday.

easy. fun. kid friendly.

oh and did i mention...yum.

i posted the recipe here.

now i think today i will try to squeeze in a little run to make up for my lack of self control. really, what is happening to me? i've been in a slump. don't know why. but it makes me eat. a lot. i was doing so good with my weight loss goals. i haven't stepped on a scale for a few weeks now. strictly for the fear of what it will show me. even though i don't need a scale to see that i've been slacking big time.

i think a self-motivating post is soon to come. that's your warning.

but for now it is off to show low we go. bossy pants has an appointment with dr. b. something tells me he has another ear infection.

perhaps it's the lack of sleep, constant grumpiness and his need for my hands to be covering his ears at all times.

this is something i hoped and prayed we would be past by now. who knows, maybe i'm wrong.



lori said...

oh i do love some whoopie pies! i make pumpkin whoopie pies in the fall!

Christine said...

oh those look yummy! Hey, I really love your blog!-and I'm so about to grab your button!

Anonymous said...

Wow...those look soooo goood! I hope bossy pants doesn't have an ear infection!

Lizzie said...

yup. my mini munchkin has an ear infection right now. she has always been the dramatic, sick child :-/

can't wait to try the cookie sandwiches! thanks :)

Anonymous said...