Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{and so life continues}

Back in the beginning of March there was a shooting in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart. More particularly, the Wal-Mart where I spent way too much free time as a teenager and where I now can be found at least once a week shopping. And of course, that's with my boys in tow.

I'm not usually one to let these things get to me. I tend to take the attitude of "that could never happen to me." But knowing that it's not just ME anymore I was a little on edge. For the first two weeks I avoided Wal-Mart entirely. After that I commandeered help in the form of a kind sister or brother, so that getting my boys in and out of the car would be quicker and more supervised.

Eventually the edge wore off. Granted I am still very cautious of my surroundings, I began to feel more at ease. Safer.

And now for the reason I am posting about this today...

It just so happened that the Hubby had enrolled the two of us in a Concealed Weapons course just weeks before that tragic event. We both passed without any trouble and sent in our applications for our CWP's. Mine actually arrived in the mail just today. As I pulled it from the envelope I was reminded of the feelings I had back in March. The feeling that I needed to be better able to protect my family if need be. I don't count on that as my safe guard, I am a very gentle and non-violent person...That is until it comes to my family's safety. I wanted to be more prepared and now I feel that I am.

I refuse to be scared anymore by the people who look to harm and threaten my way of life. That is just what they want, they are just bullies. There are bad people in the world and there always will be. As well as there are good people. I choose not to live my life in fear, but to be aware of what I may be faced with and be prepared to protect what is mine.

Life goes on and we have to live it. Not just sit idly by and let the poor decisions of others effect our daily choices.

That's what I think.


Eric and Addie said...

you so not alone on this. just this very afternoon me and my sweetie discussed a gun safety course for myself and then a purchase of a gun before anything else happens in this crazy world.
i am not a fan of guns in the house with children but now a days do we have any other choice?

love the blog.

Anonymous said...