Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{serving up memories}

last night's dinner was served from a pretty yellow pyrex dish that once belonged to my grandmother.

it was given to me a few weeks ago by my mom when she saw me not-so-quietly admiring it while preparing sunday dinner. she has the attitude that says "if you love it more than i do, it's yours." part of me wanted to turn down the offer, and i did try, but really i loved taking it home with me. i have a weakness for things like this.

as i was putting it in the oven i started to ponder on the things that have been baked in that casserole dish. i wondered if by chance i wasn't the first to make my family ravioli in it.

i loved thinking back to the days when it was in it's prime. i imagined in my head, it being pulled from an olive colored oven with grandma in her pretty spring dress and an apron tied at her waist. my dad sitting at the table with his california tan and blonde curls.

a lovely thought.

it made me think of the foods she made that i loved and still love today. like her salad with homemade oil and vinegar dressing. some nights she would let me drink what was left in the bottom of the salad bowl. on occasion jamison and i would split it. it burned my throat a little and i absolutely loved it. to this day, that is my salad of choice.

and how could i not remember her tacos. you would think that all tacos taste alike. but that's just not the case. it seems like this was a favorite of hers to make and a favorite of her family {my dad in particular} to enjoy. she would fry the taco shells herself from soft corn tortillas so that they were always fresh and yummy.

and last but not least were her delicious candied yams. they were made for the holidays and they were SO good. she would top them off with those little red hot candies which to me made them unique. please tell me someone will be making these for thanksgiving.

preparing dinner was enjoyable as i pondered through all of my memories and imagined all the things i didn't know but thought might have been. perhaps one day it will be handed down to my children and grandchildren. it makes me tingle to think of it.

what about you?

do you have a weakness for the sentimental too?

p.s. one of garrett's stubborn top teeth finally chose to show itself last night! yay garrett!!!


Mary said...

I recognized that dish as soon as I opened your blog! To answer one of your questions, that dish never saw ravioli--ravioli was never served in our house unless it came out of a can, and then only rarely. But she did make delicious broccoli-rice-and-cheese casserole, shepherd's pie, Mexican chicken, and Frito casserole in it. My mom was the queen of casseroles! I'm so glad her dish ended up with someone who truly appreciates its history.

Did you know your dad was the one who usually drank the vinegar-and-oil dressing out of the bottom of the salad bowl when we were growing up? Like father, like daughter!

JDButler Family said...

nice Ash! cool that Mary recognized it!

Anonymous said...