Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tomorrow will be even better

you know a day that starts with this face is bound to be wonderful.

it all started with my two sweet boys being little angels as we got big brother ready for school.

it continued with a quick trip to the market and a run in with two very sweet women and their children who left me their phone numbers on the back of a receipt. i think we will all make quick friends.

the trip to the market was for cupcake liners.

they provided the perfect nesting place for these yummy, baby blue frosted birthday cupcakes.

they were made for my big one-year-old nephew, trenton, who is better known around these parts as "nie nie". {yes his daddy loves this nickname that gage created for him.}


after dropping off cupcakes and my baby boy, it was off to the dentist. this was actually not bad. there is a wonderful view and i got to play catch up with my dental hygienist who is an absolutely adorable girl. it's amazing what can happen in between these semi-annual visits. for example, she is expecting her first child! i am so happy for her.

it's always nice to hear about a new life preparing to come into the world. it renews hope.

i had mothers' day on the brain after getting my teeth cleaned and polished. so naturally i decided to pull into Pepperberry Cottage just a few doors down from dr. adams office to perhaps find a gift or two.

to make a long story short, i now have a display of my earrings on their front counter. i am so excited slash nervous. excited because, well, that's my stuff for sale there. nervous because, well, that's my stuff for sale there. i just want it to do well. if i can get my buns in gear i will soon be adding more items as well.

i cheated and picked up arby's for dinner. this is always a good excuse for me to visit my sister amber. the best darn arby's manager you ever met!

i finally got to grandma broomall's, much later than i had planned, and was greeted by a more than cheerful little gare bear boy and a sound asleep gage who was worn out from his library day and playing at grandma's. garrett kept putting his head up against his big brother's and laughing as gage just laid there snoozing.
it was tender. and of course i smiled.
it was a wonderful day. and you know what? i bet tomorrow will be even better.


sara,mike,rhett,and gage said...

how do you make your cupcakes look so awesome? You've got some skills girl!

Megan said...

Love the cupcakes! I have been craving them ever since I saw this picture! I guess I better get busy!

Love those earrings...are those cabochon flowers? I have been dying to make some. Where do you buy your flowers? Please do tell!!

Anonymous said...