Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what grows faster than weeds?

lots of things are growing around here.

for example, these weeds. i decided yesterday i will just embrace their natural beauty and pretend that i intentionally planted all those dainty white flowers in my yard. they are so much prettier when you think of it that way.

my herbs in my kitchen window are also growing. i can't wait for some fresh cilantro and basil to cook with. it will taste so nice with my fresh vegetables that are NOT growing. in fact they are not even planted yet. i think we are in the clear to plant now. it's just the making time part that i'm struggling with. i do need to get in gear though because i want to make the most of our short growing season.

now what could grow faster than my pretty weeds you might ask?

that would be my boys. they are growing at quite an alarming rate. did you know that garrett is going to be eleven months old in a few weeks? i'm pretty sure i posted this just ten seconds ago. where does the time go?

and almost exactly a month from now my firstborn will be three. as in one-two-THREE! i'm pretty sure that is old enough to make me feel old. old and spinsterly. happily i can say that gage has done a fantastic job of keeping me young. he is a firecracker that one.

it seems entirely unfair that i carried these babies for nine months that seemed like nine years and now each day with them seems like a millisecond ago. how does that work out exactly? if someone figures it out please let me know.

all i know is that i will grow boys over pretty white flowery weeds and window herbs any day. i never realized that i could be a mother to two boys and love it more than anything in the world.

now i know.

if i could fill my home with slobbery faced, grubby hand, mud loving boys then i would do it. boys are quite marvelous little contraptions.