Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lake powell 2009

we had such a fun time at the lake this year.

gage got to do lots of swimming with his "memo" {nemo} floatie.

he fished with daddy and uncle "hayhe", who is jamison.

and of course he turned a whole year older while we were there.

he boarded as a mere 2 year old, and departed as a 3 year old.

garrett got to do what he usually does but complete with new scenery and a constant audience.

he also took a lot of boat-induced naps which seemed to do him well.

matt got to play, fish, relax and sleep in on occasion.

and i got to read, play, enjoy the sun and even fit in a nap. why don't i nap more?

the weather was so nice and the water was almost perfect.
i only wish i would have taken more pictures.
we're looking forward to next year's trip and perhaps i will bring a fully charged camera!

thanks grandma and grandpa broomall for the fun time!


LORI said...


{nicole coombs} said...

Looks like you had fun! Happy birthday Gage! That means corys birthday is soon yikes love your pictures! Man I sure miss the lake its been forever since I have been will you be in heber for the fourth? I think I am coming up

Mary said...

I spent a week on a houseboat at Lake Powell once, back when I was younger and thinner. I have a lot of great pictures from that trip... Did I mention that I was thinner then?

I'm glad you all had fun and came home safe and sound!

Megan said...

I recieved my Etsy order from you today! I love the ring!! Thanks so much!!

I have never been to Lake Powell, but it looks like a fun place!

PS My family wants to go camping around the Heber area, any suggestions? We would prefer somewhere that will has hook-ups for campers and tent sites. Let me know if you know of any where to go!

Lizzie said...

totally cute vacation pictures. glad you all had a super fun time :)

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