Sunday, June 28, 2009

old love::new love

well we are home safe and sound from a whirl wind of a roadtrip.

friday morning bright and early we headed out with the nienie's for a six hour drive to las cruces, new mexico.

purpose: a wedding.

two movies, one stop at arby's, three sleepy boys + one fuel-up later we were at men's wearhouse picking up tuxes and shoes. from there we located our hotel, dropped off suitcases, changed diapers and headed to the rehearsal. we made nearly perfect time.

two things about las cruces, should you ever choose to visit:

numero uno:: DO eat at La Posta mexican restaurant located in historical downtown.

numero dos:: by all means, avoid the Teakwood Hotel which more than likely SHOULD be located in historical downtown.

friday evening involved one bachelor night that didn't quite go as planned and three rowdy boys stuck in a joint hotel room. sleep was all too welcoming and daylight came entirely too early. we cleaned up, ate breakfast, packed up and checked out. monica and i got to the church at 11:30 to do hair. i was more of the "tell me what to do" girl. as is probably normal, the three heads of hair we planned on, turned into five and we were curling and spraying until moments before "the walk".

did i mention that gage was the ring bearer? really and truly he bore no rings at all. in fact, in order to get him down the aisle both hands were held tightly by the adorable little flower girls who are just more than a year older than him. i wasn't a bit surprised when they entered and laughter ensued. there were the darling girls flaunting their pretty dresses, smiling at on-lookers and awkwardly trying to draw petals from their baskets while holding hands with my very handsome boy. gage took steps a little bigger than those of a mouse, while his chin was tightly tucked into his chest and his eyes went from shut, to slits, to shut again. what could have been a mere thirty seconds of fame, turned into what seemed like an eternity. but oh was it precious.

from there he joined his dad and uncle jamison {the best man and groomsman} and from there back to mom's lap where he successfully slept through the majority of the ceremony.

it was a lovely wedding. the bride and groom looked so happy to be with each other and together with each of their girls they will make a beautiful family.

aren't wedding days wonderful? just a little reminder of what fresh, new love looks like. i love it. makes you want to be a little nicer to your love. a little more forgiving, a little more flirtatious, a little bit silly and a whole lot of mushy.

here's to old love that feels like new love again.



Mary said...

So whose wedding was it? I'm guessing a relative of Matt and Monica's? I'd also love to see a photo of the bride and groom--brides are always so beautiful!

{our happy nest} said...

yep it was matt's cousin, chris. i wasn't able to get any pictures of them during the ceremony because garrett crashed out on me and then once gage came and sat by me he fell asleep too. :) quite a day. she did look very pretty though.

Fullerton Family said...

I am cracking up at Gage!!! That is too funny! Oh, the joys of little shy kids..... Good thing he is so handsome!

somebody said...