Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a million miles away

we made a spur of the moment trip out to brown creek sunday evening.
we met up with my family who had spent the majority of the holiday weekend there. it was nice to be able to make it out there for even just one night.

camping is something that i look forward to every year. i love being out in the fresh clean air. surrounded by trees and blue skies. i think it is medicinal for me. living simply for a short time. enjoying the dirt on my boys' faces and the animals that scurry around the perimeter of our temporary abode.

a love of the outdoors has been embedded in my soul. it is a passion that has been handed down to me from many generations before. and a passion that i hope to pass down to my own children. i find it so humbling to be in the center of God's purest creations. i feel like i'm a million miles away from all the garbage that bothers me throughout the week. and it's awesome to see that my boys can be happy as little larks with no television and no store bought toys. just each other, nature and their imaginations. i love it.

everyone should go camping. at least once a year i think. it just feels good.

and maybe, just maybe you'll have an encounter with one of these beautiful creatures. absolutely breathtaking i tell you.