Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my morning conclusion

our breakfast menu consisted of homemade banana nut bread, yogurt and blueberries.

gage stuffed his mouth with the banana nut bread first. {a long time favorite of his.} it was washed down with yogurt and followed with a loud, unprompted, "thanks mom! that's good."

garrett gobbled up every last blueberry i had placed before him. he reminded me of a squirrel storing up for winter. tiny fists full of berries and cheeks looking nice and plump.

gage tried a blueberry. it was out of his mouth about a half a second later. after which garrett generously offered to finish the rest off for him. he then managed to finish off his bread and yogurt as well.

after watching them i came to the conclusion that i have probably the most interesting job in the world. i get to study, observe, interact and teach two of the most wonderful creatures ever placed on this earth. (i am entitled to that opinion of course.) i am paid in hugs, kisses, smiles and enthusiastic thanks mom's. plus i can show up in my pajamas if i so choose. you have to admit that is a pretty great perk.

i guess you could say i am quite thrilled with my chosen profession.