Monday, July 20, 2009

night time

photo from july 2008

last night the boys bathed with the window opened wide. we listened to the rain and the small claps of thunder. garrett splashed along with the pitter patter of the rain while gage did his very best to transform his brother into "bubble guy". garrett is so patient with his big brother. he just squinted and smiled up at gage as bubbles slipped down his round face.

gage was very satisfied with the finished product and from the looks of it, garrett felt like a new man.

it has been a joy to watch those two grow together. their personalities are bigger than they are right now and so different than the other. but somehow that is what makes them the perfect little duo.

gage calls garrett dudda and it seems to be rubbing off on him too. i hear that word a lot throughout the day. for instance when bubble guy was coming into creation and gage repeated over and over, "dudda hold still". and garrett would smile (bubbles in eyes and all) and hold still for about two seconds before being reminded once again.

once they were the perfect amount of water wrinkled we dried them off and slipped on their jammies. the boys picked out some books and we headed to gage's bed. gage got into position first and summoned for garrett. "lay down dudda" he called as he patted the other half of his pillow. garrett smiled and waddled over.

the boys wound down the day's last bits of energy as i read a favorite nursery rhyme.

the end came too quickly...

wyken and blynken are two little eyes,

and nod is a little head,

and the wooden shoe that sailed the skies,

is a wee one's trundle bed.

so shut your eyes while mother sings

of wonderful sights that be,

and you shall see the beautiful things

as you rock in the misty sea,

where the old shoe rocked

the fisherman three:

wynken, blynken and nod.


sara,mike,rhett,and gage said...

My boys are the same way. So different but perfect for eachother. So fun!

{nicole coombs} said...

Now that Kellin is getting a bit older (when I mean bit I mean little tiny bit:)) I can see how different but the same they will be. I can already tell Kellin is more tolerant of things like his Brothers hugs and kisses then Cory would ever be. What a fun time! I am loving watching babies grow into small children and so on. I am already sad to think of the days when my children are grown and gone!

Mary said...

What a sweet slice of life you've served us!

somebody said...