Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a fabric loving kind of day

the weather did it's thing on this the first day of autumn.

i have to say it was the first morning that i actually let out a "brrrrrrr" while rushing gage up the sidewalk to school. garrett found this new noise very entertaining and did his best to imitate me. let's face it, his best was much better than that sound i was making.

it seemed a wonderful day for fabric coordinating. as the boys ate lunch i pulled some of my favorites from the laundry room cabinets and began the process. i have been hard at work on several quilts and this chilly day gave me an even stronger desire to get them finished. it's coming along slower than i had hoped. looks like i will have to start cramming. the quilts, along with other lovelies are for a boutique i will be vending at in october. the fifteenth and sixteenth for those of you who want to mark your calendars. it will be in show low and i will post more info as we get closer to the date.

i am hoping to have my etsy shop up and going again come the beginning of october. i have been so busy with new things that i closed it for a few weeks. here's a sneak peek at some of the things i've been doing.

want to see some of the fabrics that will be going into my quilts? visit my sewing blog here.

welcome autumn!

scarves, turtlenecks, boots and cable knits....here i come! and oh how i've missed you.

xoxo. ash