Monday, October 5, 2009


i sat and watched as garrett ran laps around our yard in the late morning sun. the wind was blowing about a million miles an hour but still he insisted. he was waiting for his brother. he ran round and round our tree that just weeks ago was covered in green. today it is covered in brilliant red. and some of its leaves even crunched beneath his quick little feet.

i had a moment. a moment where i just sat back and enjoyed the world around me. enjoyed life. i have so much to be grateful for. and so many blessings to pass on.

my spirit was so uplifted this weekend as i listened to conference along with countless others all over the world. in the comfort of my home i was able to be edified by the words of inspired men. they spoke of things that have weighed heavy on my mind. they led me back to the words of the scriptures. the words of our savior.

i resolved in my mind and in my heart to be a better person. to be a better teacher to my children. to that little boy playing in my yard and that big boy riding the bus home to me. one day they wont be boys. they will be men. and they will be a reflection of the things that they have been taught. not just in word, but in example. that's the hard part.

but as i watched conference this weekend i was reminded that i could do it. i was reminded that i'm not alone. i was reminded that my father in heaven sent his son to be the perfect example for me.

and as i watched my baby play i was reminded once again of this truth. clear to the center of me, i was reminded.

it's amazing what watching a happy child can do to the soul.

all of the talks from the lds general conference are availabe here.