Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sitting in the doorway

gage was taking one of his lengthy naps yesterday afternoon so garrett and i decided to pass our quiet time sitting in our front doorway. we listened to, and felt the wind. and believe me you, the wind was blowing. we watched as tumbleweeds of all sizes traveled through our yard. and we felt the cold chill in the wind. proof that the forecast would be right after all. snow indeed.

i watched the little curls by his ears wisp around in the breeze. it confirmed my resolution not to under any circumstances, remind matt of his orders to have our boy's hair cut next week. it curls at the nape of his neck and flips up around his garrett-esque ears. it even settles itself into a perfect part halfway down his forehead. i love it. maybe that's just me, forcing him to have some remnant of his baby days. for my own soothing.

and while i'm swooning over my tiniest of men i should add that i wish every home in the world could have one day filled with his laughter. i am convinced that it is the most pleasant sound i will hear in this lifetime. perfectly delightful and ticklish. give me a football field full of laughing children and i will tell you where my boy is playing. it's so distinct. i love that too.

i could go on for days and days and perhaps even years telling you all the things i love about this beautiful boy and his beautiful brother. mostly i love that they are mine. for now anyways. mine to play with and laugh with and sit in the doorway with. mine to watch and enjoy. is there a sweeter calling in life than to be a mother?


want to join me in my latest guilty pleasure? watch glee tonight. this clip has had the honor of holding me over since last week's episode. enjoy!


Mary said...

Motherhood is the best!

Sarah and I love Glee, too. Such an oddly entertaining little show! And the lead guy is kinda cute--sort of Orlando Bloom and Justin Timberlake rolled into one!

Molli said...

Ooo with Mary's comment I might have to check that show out! Hey Ashley we're doing good...very homesick though. I have to say you are the most talented girl ever, I love all your stuff and those quilts were awesome! I have a friend over who is very good at quitlting also and wants to sell them I keep telling her to check out your store and ask you for some advice but I think she is a little scared! Anyways Garrett looks just like you it's great so cute! I hope our next one will look more like me! Doubt it!


Ditto! Isn't it funny how their laughs and cry's too are so distinct to the Mommy ears. It's funny, we teach Val. 9 which is right by nursery and if a child cries, Derrick will ask if it's Landen and right off the bat I know if it's him!
As for GLEE, I never got to see it! For some reason I couldn't find it tonight:(!

Leslie, Kenny & Bentley said...

Wow you are so talented. Your boys are lucky. That orange outfit is adorable!

{nicole coombs} said...

It's always fun to spend one on one time while the other is napping!
So how did your costumes turn out? My boys didnt even get in theirs and go trick-or-treating they were sick. Plus Cory wouldnt wear his anyway! Little monkey!

The Blonde Duck said...

Gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...