Friday, December 18, 2009

the fire department santa

last night was the Christmas party for the fire department. we had a lot of fun! after the food was eaten and words were said, santa made his grand entrance.

garrett was one of the first to be called up. he clung to matt like there was no tomorrow. i was kind of shocked as he is the most well adjusted of our boys. but after all, it was a big man with squinty eyes, white eyebrows and a bright red suit.

gage sat on my lap while the gifts continued to be passed out.

"mom. santa clause isn't calling my name."

i assured him that sometimes the best were saved for last.

"santa clause is getting me a train!" he chimed out in his most sure, most excited voice ever. his eyes were the size of saucers.

i told him that santa may just be saving the train for Christmas morning. not wanting him to be disappointed when the one item he's asked for all year wasn't in the box he was about to receive.

gifts continued to be passed about and what do you know? gage was dead last. which of course means best. right?

well after all the anticipation, what does gage do when he meets santa? tucks his head into his elbows and seals his lips as tight as he can. in true gage form. that one i did see coming. he shuffled away and when a safe ten feet away, whispered "thank you santa."

yes indeed son. thank you santa and thank you heber/overgaard fire department for a fun family night!