Monday, February 8, 2010

shop hazel jayne

hello hello.

i have been busy at work making some cute new items for my etsy shop. some of them are posted and available while others are still a work in progress. i'm having a lot of fun coming up with new ideas and can't wait to share them all with you!

here are some of the items i have available now:::

cotton candy bloom headband

these little headbands are super sweet for little girls. the band is made with extra soft yarn so they are comfortable even for newborns.

simply sweet sugar and plum beanie

the flower embellishment is set on a double pronged alligator clip and can be used as a hair clip as well as an embellishment.

button up bloom headband

the newest of my crocheted headbands and my very favorite. it can be customized in practically any color you can think of. the back has a button closure which means you can take it off and put in on without messing up your hair!

crocheted pineapple bookmark
this is an item made by my mom who does beautiful crochet work. i just love them! they are the perfect gift for readers and i think they make lovely scripture markers.

and of course i still have earrings and rings and i'm gearing up to add lots more for spring so look out!
remember, if you are local we can work it out where i don't have to ship and therefore free shipping! just email me at ashley.broomall{at}
you can also connect with me on facebook.
and i am super super excited for a new little project i want to take on. remind me to tell you about that tomorrow.

we're having a little flurry here so i think a cup of hot chocolate is in order.

good night.