Monday, April 26, 2010

the forgotten room

quite some time ago we (and when i say we, i mean mostly me) made the decision to put the boys in the same bedroom. i wasn't sure how it would work out but i wanted to give it a try. the first night they slept in the room together gage pleasantly proclaimed, "now i don't have to be scared anymore!" that was the first of many incidents that has lead me to tell you -- BEST DECISION EVER.

i had big plans for their room. cute cute cute ideas that i was going to bring to life. then came about the winds of change and talk of moving. i toned down the plans. really toned down the plans. basically, the plans came to a screeching halt.

however, last week this wall bothered me for the last time and i finally added some color to it. nothing fancy grant you. bunting and pages from a vintage book of bedtime stories. extra simple but makes such a difference. and although i never did what i planned, maybe one day i will finally show you what i did manage accomplish.