Wednesday, April 21, 2010


the wind is blowing hard today. i walked gage out the door this morning to catch his ride to school and the wind all but took my breath away. i waved goodbye to my pint-sized schoolboy while looking less like mom and something more like Sasquatch with my morning hair plastered to my face. gage still smiled and waved. one of the many reasons i love my children.

now garrett and i sit here in our crowded office. or more properly named, the collections room. there is a yard sale in my future and this room shows it. poor garrett. he and sheriff woody are playing at my feet while garrett breathes in and out like a mac truck. our quick visit to dr. b revealed not one, but two nasty ear infections and an ugly bout of congestion to make things all the more interesting. this little guy had a rough night. our relationship was compromised more than once as i wielded the saline and snot sucker. he considered it most unkind, treasonous even. dear antibiotic, please do your work quickly. thank you.

now it looks like i am needed for playtime so excuse me please.

happy windsday!

and what do you know? i'm back to sewing. see what i'm working on here.


Jessica said...

love love buntings they have a special place in my heart:) hehe.
it has got to be incredibly windy there because here,,, wowie is it blowin!

mrs_jpyatt said...

Ummm could you please have your yard sale sometime between April 27th & the 30th? That'd be perfect!!! LOL! This wind blowing doesnt help Mister Garrett at all...just makes it all worse! BLEK!!! Poor lil guy!

Anonymous said...