Friday, April 30, 2010


this afternoon has been cold and windy. if i had any sense in me at all i would have proclaimed one o'clock to be nap time and tucked us all in bed for the day. but of course there were things that had to be done.

thank goodness for my one-year-old cuddle bug who makes me slow down regardless.

we snuggled and exchanged heat until he was solidly asleep. all the while i could hear gage in the garage with his dad. telling him about this and that while cruising around on his scooter. i love to hear that boy talk. three-year-old boys are such fascinating creatures. if only my mind could function that way for one day. it's so delightful to see the world through his eyes.

i love peaceful moments like that. just quiet enough to be considered peaceful and just noisy enough to make you remember that you don't really love the quiet as much as you thought you did.