Monday, May 24, 2010

monday funnies

we had a full house today!

1 cousin + 3 friends + 2 homemade boys = fun and noise

we played outside, gobbled up last night's spaghetti, watched toy story 2 and made a cake featuring some sweet creepy crawlies. did you know that double chocolate fudge cake with bright gummy worms is a super good way to make a house full of 5 and unders happy?

oh it is!

so while our cake (which was thoroughly stirred by 6 cheerful helpers) baked in our three hundred and fifty degree oven, we loaded the dvd player with the movie of choice. things got a little crazy from there as each one began their best imitations of woody and/or buzz. in a quick moment of thinking i proclaimed it time for the quiet game. just as soon as the words left my mouth, one little friend responded with enthusiasm, "oh! my mom loves that game!"

did i mention how much i love little kids?

image from weheartit